We have a very special offer for students  

who wish to do self-service copies ...  

Not only, provided you do at least a 100 copies in total, but also, if you come with another student we will charge you only less per black and white A4 copy.

This applies whether or not your friend does any copy (of course, if he/she also does copies, their price will be the same.

The lower rate applies even if your friend leaves immediately.

The rate

Over 100 Copies 4 Cent + VAT = 4,76 Cent

All we ask is that you come together - that way your friend too will see where we are and what a wonderful deal can be had at CITYCOPIER!

This offer is valid only for the CITYCOPIER MUNICH, and will not last for ever ...


Übrigens! Mit der Copycard für das Semester sparst du noch mehr. Die gibt es zu 25 Euro, 50 Euro, 100 Euro, 200 Euro und 400 Euro. Auch eine Gemeinschafts-Copycard, für ein Projekt z.B. ist möglich. Come, see and save.